2024 Program - Term 3, July to September

Classes to begin the week of 22-Jul-2024.

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Regular Saturday Practice

Saturday practice each week, 8 to 9am at Centenary Park, 66-74 Karimbla St Miranda. $60 per year.

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Class Venue Day and Time Start Cost
TAI CHI PRACTICE Miranda (see above) Saturdays 8-9am
8 - 9 am
ongoing $60/year

Each student is invited to contribute $10 annually. This helps pay College overheads and conveys voting rights at the Annual Meeting.

Tai Chi Instruction

Class Venue Day and Time Start Cost
Slow Form
Beginner Class
Gymea Tue 7–8 pm 23-Jul $120
per term
Slow Form
New Beginner Class
Wed 9–10 am 24-Jul $120
per term
Slow Form
Continuing Beginners Class
Wed 8–9 am 24-Jul $120
per term
Slow Form
Beginner Class
Kogarah Sun 11–Noon 26-Jul $80 for 7 weeks

Advanced Classes

Class Venue Day and Time Start Cost
Experienced Tai Chi Gymea Wed 8–9 am 24-Jul $120 per term
Advanced Tai Chi Practice Thurs 7–8 pm 25-Jul $130 per term
*NEW* Pushng Hands Thurs 8–9 pm 25-Jul $130 per term

Improving Your Tai Chi

The first stage of learning Tai Chi is the external movements. Learning traditional Tai Chi requires practise, patience and perseverence. It takes time to remember the sequences, strengthen the body and to work on relaxation and fluidity. Over time, an effortlessness is developed which allows the mind and body to truly relax and follow the movements. To get to this level requires steady, daily practise. It is important to set aside time each day to dedicate to your internal as well as external health.

Practising once a week will have you chasing your tail for years. Regular practice is the only way. There is a saying which applies to Qi Gong practice as well as Tai Chi — "If you do it, you get it; if you do not do it, you do not get it". Another wise man also said "the highest things are often the simplest and the simplest things are often the most difficult". Try to get inside Tai Chi by yourself with daily practice.
Many people are learning that the study of Qi can be very beneficial and I feel certain that in the next twenty years Qi Gong will become one of the hottest fields of research. —Dr Yang Jwing-Ming — The Roots of Chinese Qigong

For Class Registration, please enrol in the class of your choice and pay by bank transfer following the instructions, or ask for assistance from an instructor after regular Saturday practice.

Class Locations:

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