Plans for College Structure

13 December 2017 2pm

A big transition is underway for the College.

Estimated Grand Opening of the new College membership site is Saturday 16-December-2017 !

Changes in our Tai Chi College

The Australian College of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Association will be operating as a sports association from 1st January 2018 with slightly different procedures.

The 2018 Committee office-bearers are:

The 4 additional committee members are: Diane Gosden, Joyce Newbigging, Ken Dickenson and Martin Shipley.

Together the committee has brought the College into a new era with registration with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, a new constitution, insurance, and new methods of payment.

News - Status - Latest Information

This page will let everyone know what is going on, please check back whenever you have questions.

Under the new structure, everyone in the college will be a member of the corporate entity named Tai Chi...

Members will pay a $10 annual fee. Right now, this fee will be due in December 2017 for 12 months.

Members who want to participate in Saturday practice will additionally pay a $50 annual fee for a total of $60.

Member Accounts

Through the new web site, members will be able to easily create an account with their details, sign up for Saturday practice and regular classes, receive invoices (PDFs) and details for doing direct bank transfer.

Members will sign in with one of the popular social networks such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc. Microsoft sign in: pending. Facebook sign: limbo.

You are welcome to practice signing in on the new server.

Payment Options

Bookkeeping, long-term, will be simplest when members use direct bank transfer. Each invoice will have detailed instructions with the BSB for the College, the account number and a reference for the payment.

Members can also pay by Visa, MC, Debit Card or Cash. To pay this way, members will pay their instructor, who will first make sure that the person has a college membership, generate the invoice for them, and take the payment. There is a $2 fee for EFTPOS payments.


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